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Valentina Poltronieri was born in Treviglio (BG) on 3 December 1993.


Always passionate about technical drawing and history of architecture, she attended the three-year course in Fashion Design at the Marangoni Institute in Milan, immediately settling into the sector and developing a great interest in modeling.

At the end of the second year, during the summer break, she attends an internship at the "Lanificio Reda" in Valle Mosso (Biella).

Once you have graduated, you start an internship at a model and tailoring laboratory based in Vigevano. Within the company you have had the opportunity to learn all the procedures and steps to make a garment.

In October, she enrolled in the Women's Pattern Making Master at the Carlo Secoli Institute to fully complete training in the sector.

In February 2017 she made her big dream come true and founded the homonymous brand "Valentina Poltronieri".

The immense love for travel becomes the fulcrum and creative stimulus that is proposed in a lively and colorful way within all the designer's collections.

In addition to the preparation and development of the Spring / Summer and Fall / Winter collections, Valentina tries to conquer the public by making fashion contests ( Italian Fashion Talent Awards; Matera Città dei Sassi Fashion Award; TaoModa, GDD Fashion Week ) and tries to join of the Italian fashion system demonstrating a constant determination for his work.

In January 2020 she crowns her second sign and opens her first "VP Fashion & Creative Lab" Headquarters in the center of Treviglio (Bg). A place where creativity, magic spreads in the air. Within the Lab, in addition to carrying out the activity of creative direction and collection prototypes for her brand, she designs and develops ideas for external companies, which Valentina finds very stimulating.

In November 2021 she receives her, following her first participation in Turin Fashion Week, one of the most important awards, the “Rising Talent Awards” by RINASCENTE Turin. In this way, you will have the opportunity to have a corner during the year to exhibit and make her collections known to the international public.

In the last year following the awards obtained, also different mentions in important newspapers including VOGUE Italia have generated further strength and determination to the designer who will continue to travel and excite you with her collections.