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Valentina Poltronieri was born in Treviglio (BG) on 3 December 1993.


The designer of the brand boldly takes the opportunity to bring together pre-eminent inspirations, cultural references and all the sartorial professionalism gained in the course of previous training experiences, giving rise to her entrepreneurial history.


In autumn 2018 the first VP Valentina Poltronieri collection is presented: Spring Summer 2018.


Starting with the first collection, the designer immediately reveals a glam-pop attitude.

Travel, the focal point of all the collections, are not only and exclusively linked to the physical and real dimension which is then translated into stylistic languages ​​and modeling to create the collection but also welcome all the dense cultural weave, philosophy and lifestyle of a people.

Color, prints made by the designer, a pinch of irony give dynamism and joy.


The outcome of this creative process guided by enthusiasm, dynamism of shapes and chromatic exuberance is a decisive, recognizable style that combines geometry and color well.

Valentina Poltronieri's incessant creative passion leads the designer to continually seek out new sources of inspiration that make the process of creating her collections extremely lively.

In January 2020 she crowns her dream by opening her first Headquarters in the province of Bergamo, the "VP Fashion & Creative Lab". The garments of the collections come to life in this creative, commercial and operational location. Entering the Lab you can breathe a cheerful air, colored in theme with the mood of the brand.

Valentina's determination and tenacity leads her to constantly carry out projects and progress of continuous growth.


In July 2021 the first and exciting mention of her in the Vogue Italia Magazine thanks to her participation in the Showcase Roma project promoted by Altaroma. Journalist Veronica Costanza Ward noted discipline, eccentricity and dynamism in the collection presented.


In November 2021, following her first participation in Turin Fashion Week, she received one of her most important awards, the “Rising Talent Awards” by RINASCENTE Torino.


In February 2022, during his first Milan Fashion Week in collaboration with AFRO FASHION WEEK, he had the honor of introducing himself and presenting his collections to influential people in the fashion system: Anna Wintour (Vogue America), Edward Enninful (Vogue Uk), Nicole Phelps (Vogue Runway & Vogue Business), Francesca Ragazzi (Vogue Italia) and Viola Bisiach (Vogue Italia). There is no correct word to define the emotion and gratitude of that moment.


The last prestigious recognition of her took place on September 18th c.m. by the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce. President Carlo Mazzoleni awarded Valentina, during the 60th edition, the “Recognition for Work and Economic Progress 2022 - Young Entrepreneurs under 30” award. A really important step for the designer who, through determination and passion, is carrying out her dream.


Valentina is always and constantly active in promoting the brand and in designing and developing ever more professional and fashion collections.

In the last year she has opened the doors of her laboratory to many young people to develop creative and dynamic internships with them.

Rising Talent Awards By Rinascente

Francesca Ragazzi: Head of Editorial Content Vogue Italia 

Valentina - VIP - Accademia del Lusso - AFWM - 20220227 - Photo by Gabriele Correddu - Wil
Riconoscimento al lavoro 2022.heic
TFW premio Rinascente.HEIC
Valentina - VIP - Accademia del Lusso - AFWM - 20220227 - Photo by Gabriele Correddu - Wil

Afro Fashion Week with Anna Wintour and Michelle Ngonmo

Riconoscimento al Lavoro e al Progresso Economico 2022: Imprenditrice Donna Under 30

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