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"Valentina Poltronieri" is an emerging Italian fashion brand  founded in 2017 by the fashion designer Valentina Poltronieri.


In autumn 2018  was launched the first collection of the brand: the Spring Summer 2018.

The collection will  epitomise the pre-eminent inspirations, cultural references and all the sartorial professionalism gained over the course of previous training experiences.

Starting from the first Techno Icon collection, which immediately reveals a glam attitude, with geometric and techno motifs, Valentina Poltronieri retraces, in its collections, the history of fashion, referring to the Icons of style and synthesising stylistic features with a very personal figure classics.

 The outcome of this creative process guided by enthusiasm, the dynamism of forms and a chromatic exuberance is a strong and recognisable style that combines geometry and color as well.


The unrestrainable creative passion of Valentina Poltronieri leads the designer to continuously seek new sources of inspiration that make the process of creating her collections extremely lively.

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