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Spring/Summer 2021

Fall/Winter 2020

Spring/Summer 2020

"Energy and vitality of the clothing are the elements that animate all my collections. Born a style finds expression from the use of geometric shapes such as full and empty triangles. And from bright colors or contrast tone as black and pink.

Inspiration changes but it always comes from my passion, travel and art." 

                                                        Valentina Poltronieri



Detail SS2021.jpg


tribal motifs and geometries, warm colors and carioca rainbows cross the entire collection that declines the Masai culture and the Kenyan dimension with brio and flair.

FW2021 DETAIL.jpg

Uniform Princess

a virtual tour in a London where history and tradition, customs and habits, pop culture and modernity come together.

cocktail dettaglio SS2020.jpg

Chasing the Stars

An imaginary and virtual journey from Venice Beach to Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Las Vegas..

dettaglio fw1920.jpg

Feline Soul

Sweatshirt that depicts the mantle and the colors of the savannah and the felines.


Urban Desert

Printed dress that recall the places, the colors, and customs of Mexico.

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The Age of Icon

Eco-leather jacket with lasered triangles, '90 rock-chic inspiration.


Techno Icon

Jumpsuit  realized in lycra fabric, inspired by liquid technology and geometry form.


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