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"A talented and customer oriented designer with an eye for commercial fashion and detail in styling. A designer full of enthusiasm and curiosity, liveliness and color with focused goals. Always looking for news and promotions." 

Valentina Poltronieri



Made in Italy

A collection born from Fantasy to create a journey with great ironic and fun power. Who wouldn't want to live in or create their own Wonderland?

The world of madness and colors of Alice in Wonderland inspired me and I managed to capture the whimsical essence I needed. I painted a little Alice with a clever and rebellious soul. I revived and gave vitality by mixing colors and matter.

The Blossom of Youth

Japan is a world to discover! Everything for them has a relevant and representative meaning for mankind.

The knowledge of their values, the emotionality of the ego and the work on energy were very constructive for me and for the collection. Typical Japanese garments are revisited in a modern and fresh key, embellished with particular fabrics, chromatic plays and details such as bows, ruffles, buttons, piping and satin ribbons. Thus we arrive at a light and fairy-tale atmosphere, characteristic of oriental folklore.

Joke Foolishly

Lover of color, chromatic eccentricity and charisma, in winter he finds himself in front of a darker palette that is less lively and passionate. To revive the unique liveliness of the brand, the designer chooses to tell an adventure, a human journey, which is often tiring but at the same time fun, effervescent, playful: The life of the circus. She will transport the public into a dreamlike dimension where reality, suggestion and dream will mix to give life to a floating city. 

Africa Pop 

A journey full of energy and vitality, dominated by color and the union of European and African Styles. 

Color is the leitmotif of the collection and gives it liveliness and playfulness.

The African universe and its dense color and thematic plot are interpreted in a Pop and Cartoonistic key.

Esoteric Enchantress

The creative yearning moves again between the buildings, dwelling on sculpture, architecture and culture and also weaving a parallel plot through an intellectual, ethereal and philosophical journey.

The guiding city of this dual exploratory journey is Prague. In addition to the rich and suggestive cultural and architectural stratification of the city, Valentina Poltronieri has extrapolated a particularly fascinating and bewitching theme and aspect: esotericism, the astrologer and the astronomer.

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