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MY DOLL is a sustainable capsule project developed by Valentina Poltronieri.

The simplicity of the t-shirt is graphically revolutionized through the motif of a "Doll", conceived and designed by the Designer.



The designer talks about how the t-shirt is developed:

“My doll represents a very stylized doll; only her head, arms and legs are drawn with the addition of all possible accessories such as shoes, bags, hair, glasses and other accessories. The rest of the body is formed later, after printing the My Doll on the t-shirt. The body, which is also quite stylized, is created by creating small models of t-shirts, skirts, tops and dresses which are carefully sewn by hand and by machine onto the t-shirt. To make them even more beautiful, buttons, beads, sequins, bows, ribbons, cords, etc. are added to these dresses..."


T-SHIRT MY DOLL “The Blossom of Youth” .JPG

The Blossom of Youth

A My Doll immersed in “Hanami”.

She is enjoying a very important moment in her life as the spring blossoming of the trees. Beauty and rebirth make my doll experience a sense of freedom and carefreeness

T-SHIRT MY DOLL “Minna ni Oppai wo Misetekureru”.JPG

Minna ni Oppai wo Misetekureru

My Doll allows herself a moment of zen. The gentle light that enters gives a fascinating atmosphere. The tea ceremony is an important social and religious rite to regain purity. The backdrop is a tea service, the classic wagasa umbrella for the ceremony and two lanterns with the Koi symbol.

T-SHIRT MY DOLL “Nanakorobi Yaoki” .JPG

Nanakorobi Yaoki

My Doll is having a moment of celebration. Immersed in the scents and colors of a cherry orchard to the rhythm of typical dances she entertains the audience in a graceful manner and with excellent poise. Lanterns and fans serve as accessories for the evening.

My Doll Carousel Folk

Carousel Folk

A fun My Doll immersed in circus folklore. Scent of candies and cotton candy inebriate the festive air of the circus. The neighing of the horses and the colors mix in a kaleidoscope of magic at every turn of the carousel. Confetti sprinkled in the air coloring the sky. My Doll feels immersed in this cheerful world.

My Doll Joke & Crazy

Joke & Crazy

A my Doll with a playful, sparkling and eccentrically crazy soul. With her Outfit she wants to imitate that of a clown she is animated by cute star-shaped glasses, diamond print high boots. My doll will go around the circus and among the children to distribute happy balloons. The keywords are little sobriety and great spontaneity.

My Doll Magicland


A my Doll in a magical version. Attraction, magic and illusion make rabbits and wonders come out of the hat. The public is attracted by the majesty of the magic tricks. A distinct professionalism, thanks to an elegant dress. My doll creates wonder in the eyes, manipulates and influences minds through sleight of hand and magic.


Africa Pop

A Doll who feels like an artist immersed in strong and decisive color palettes. The jaunty and colorful style animates My Doll. Curly and purposeful hair, a little wild, colorful sneakers with tassels.


African Art

The traditional art of ceramics fascinates My Doll who tries her hand at various clay works, forming vases of different shapes, enriching them with colored decorations and symbols of love. Creativity predominates and helps the trade of a thriving business.


my doll made in italy.png

100%Made in Italy

my doll handmade.png


my doll organic cotton.png

100%Organic Cotton


Sizes available:

Women: from Size S to Size 3XL

Girl: from size 3/4 years to size 12/14 years

Customization: On request

It is possible to create a tailor-made t-shirt for you.

Customization is made on request. it is possible to vary the graphics of the doll and choose the color of the fabric that will be used for the dress.

Info and Requests:

Shop: VP Fashion & Creative Lab - Via Municipio 8, 24047 Treviglio - Bergamo

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